What's it like to work with me? VICTORIOUS. I have been able to create some amazing results in a short period of time, and will not stop at helping other people do the same! Now that I've created some of my own results: going from nothing to generating leads, sales, signups…I can say I've truly gone to the next level. Currently, I've been generating $1000 commissions, $6000 in sales in just ONE hour and thirteen minutes, and a personal best of $25,000 in a day! This is not to “impress you”, but to impress upon you that ANYONE can do this if they really want it–yes, YOU too!

I remember what it was like to make that scary decision of going into business. One of the biggest reasons for starting a business was to give my kids everything–including their mom. So, I needed to figure out what I could do to be more available for them.

That's when I read a quote from financial expert, Warren Buffett:

“If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

-Warren Buffett

So I decided to find a way to earn income the SMART way, no longer looking to make money based on tie…because there's a limit to time. I took Warren's advice and learned to make money from anywhere, at ant time–even in my sleep.

If you're anything like me and you enjoy spending more time with your kids, being able to hop up and travel to visit & help out your parents whenever you want,  if you like giving back to your community, if you enjoy being in full control of your schedule and your money…then you'll want to check out what I'm doing.


I started marketing my business online, and went from “Tumbleweed Marketer” (with absolutely NO audience, NO warm market, NO sales, and NO recruits to speak of)…to finally achieving victory and accomplishing some of her biggest goals, I've emerged a respected leader and authority in the Online Marketing industry!

AND…Since I've started at the bottom and have risen so fast, also having gone through rigorous coaching from a trusted Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Education Company to be an effective coach teaching others to get real results, the Victory is Increasing in the lives of those I encounter!  Take A Peek at a Few of My Coaching Clients:


“After months of struggling online, I finally got my 1st signup just 20 HOURS after I started working with Val! Just a few days later, I attracted 39 leads in ONE day! I am so glad I found her!”

-Vee Downes

Sandwell, United Kingdom

“Val helped me with a roadmap that helped me get my first 7 leads in ONE day! Now I am consistently getting leads and calling prospects that are interested and reach out to ME! Thanks Miss Val!”

-Murphy Pernell

Colorado, USA

“I was so inspired by you and your advice you gave me. I am so super pumped up that you would not believe!

Thank you so much!”

-Caron Strydom

Bloemfontein, South Africa

Top Leaders started taking notice, Seven & Eight Figure earners started taking notice, and so did a  Major Multi-Million Dollar Internet Entrepreneurial & Marketing Community! Get this: I was chosen out of over 20,000+ members to be a leader & coach on their Mentorship Team:

“Valerie selected by Multi-Million Dollar

Company to Join Their Certified Coaching

Team for Entrepreneurs–and Featured in an article!”

-​August, 2016

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